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5 Features for a Smarter & Safer Home

Posted by Courtney Sims on October 31, 2018

5 Features for a Smarter & Safer Home Featured ImageWhile we all like to think that "it won't happen to us", the truth is, crime happens everywhere. For this reason, it's hard to deny feeling little uneasy in our lives and in our homes. While we certainly don't need to give into it or let it control our lives, there are many new ways to make our homes and communities just a little bit safer - and deliver some peace of mind!

1. Home Security 

When we as homeowners think about how to make our homes more secure, we immediately think to install a security system. This is certainly still the case, and technology has improved to the point where we are able to install hidden cameras throughout our homes, inside and out. 

One of the most useful cameras today is installed right into your doorbell so you can see who's at your front door via your smartphone. There are many different kinds of video doorbells, and their services range from simple recording on demand to recording perpetually, letting you know who's at your door at any given time.

With the popularity of online purchases today, packages are being left on doorsteps during the day while you're at work, and theft is on the rise. By installing cameras, you can potentially catch the burglar red-handed should this ever happen to you.

5 Features for a Smarter & Safer Home Smart Phone App Image2. Home Automation 

As you may already know, your doorbell isn't the only security feature you can control via smartphone. Now you can turn your lights on or off, open and close your garage door, unlock your door and change the settings on the thermostat. Some other basic products such as motion sensor lights can also be installed outdoors to deter criminal activity - and adjusting the lights when you're on vacation will fool people into thinking someone is home. 

5 Features for a Smarter & Safer Home Security on iPad Image3. Smart Locks 

Do you remember when we said you could lock and unlock your front door with your phone? Smart locks recognize when you're home and will allow you to grant temporary access of your home to guests. If you aren't home and someone else opens the door, this system will alert you to who entered the home (via unique passcodes), when they leave, and even if they locked the door.

4. Growing Together In a New Community 

One of the greatest benefits of building in a new community is the opportunity to grow together with your fellow residents. Rapports can be established, relationships built, and overall you'll have a better sense of community. Newer areas are less susceptible to crime given the level of activity in the neighbourhood — there will still be construction taking place, new residents moving in, and other such 'noise' to deter potential crime.

Newer communities are also further from the crime centres of the City. They're developed to be quiet spaces where neighbours can spend quality time with their families and with each other. As such, the very location of your new home establishes a certain level of safety and wellbeing.

5. Create a Private Facebook Group for Your Community 

Speaking of new communities, neighbours who join forces via social media have a real-time method of sending out messages or helping out fellow neighbours. While this isn't a feature per se, we think it's worth mentioning. Other communities have created these groups wherein residents can work together for a safer neighbourhood, and great successes have been realized via this media. 

Most of us know about the older 'neighbourhood watch' signs — this is a modern-day version of the same idea. Residents can warn their neighbours of suspicious activity nearby, inform each other about crimes that may have occurred, and in some cases, if your doorbell cam does capture a theft, you can share the video and spread the news within your community to be on the lookout or to identify this same individual. 

In our previous post, Smart Home Technology Trends for a Better Life, we talked about how technology can make our lives at home a little easier. But you can also take advantage of smart homes and other add-on features for security in your new home – it's worth it to ensure your own and your family's safety.

Originally posted June 9, 2017, updated November 9, 2018 


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